API Delevan has introduced Series HRSPD127, shielded surface mount power inductors. Built to meet mechanical shock, high-frequency vibration, solderability, and moisture resistance per MIL-STD-202, thermal shock per MIL-PRF-27, and SnPb reflow profile per MIL-PRF-83446, these low DCR, high current inductors have an operating temperature range of -55°C to +130°C, and are available in inductance values from 2.2 uH to 1000 uH. Contact API Delevan for custom values.

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API Delevan now offers value-add test lab services to MilSpec test methods, key industry standards and customer specified requirements.
Test services include:

Mechanical Shock and Vibration
Solder Reflow Testing
XRF Testing
Optical Vision Measurement
Shear Strength Test
Life Test
Temperature Cycling

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API Delevan has extended its 0603-sized family of wirewound, surface-mount chip inductors with the release of the C0603 series for use in commercial applications. Continuing to innovate using their extensive Aerospace & Defense knowledge and design expertise, API Delevan has created the highest reliability commercial grade wirewound
inductor available in the marketplace today.

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API Delevan is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of standard and custom transformers for the electronics industry. Contact us for engineering expertise, high performance design assistance, custom prototyping, unparalleled test regimes, and quick delivery to meet any application requirement.

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Qualified to the MIL-PRF-83446 standard, the M83446/36 inductor series is designed in a 0603 case size to support high frequency RF applications in military, aerospace and defense communities, including communications, guidance and security applications, radar, test and evaluation and special mission applications.

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API Delevan introduces a new series of Surface Mount Device (SMD) power inductors: P3519 and P3519R to meet the growing demand for high current applications in an efficient, compact package. Measuring 0.35” l x 0.19” w x 0.17” h, the size fills a market void of inductance and current combinations, in a standard product offering.

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API Delevan announces that it now offers three popular SMD Power Inductors with the highest reliability rating available after achieving a "T" Level reliability rating. The MILP1812, MIL4922 and Mil8532 meet all Military QPL requirements and feature ruggedized molded and leaded construction. Qualification to "T" Level represents the most dependable off the shelf inductors available in the industry for use in high reliability applications.

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API Delevan announces that it has achieved the highest reliability level in the world’s magnetics industry by earning Level “S” Reliability rating to the ER (Established Reliability) MIL-PRF-39010 Specification for Radio Frequency Coils (Inductors) by the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime, formerly DSCC. Qualification to “S” level represents the most reliable off the shelf inductors offered in the industry for use in high reliability applications, including communication systems, radar systems, guidance systems, fire control systems, avionics and space.

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API Delevan introduces some of the world’s smallest space level SMD inductors that are rigorously tested to Mil-STD-981 for High Reliability applications. Wehave combined our proprietary winding and bonding techniques with our renowned and sophisticated Environmental test lab, capable of performing load life testing, thermal shock, powered burn-in, short time overload, real time x-ray and extreme temperature testing to provide reliability and assurance for stringent circuit solutions.

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API Delevan introduces a new series of Surface Mount Device (SMD) power inductors: 5500 and 5500R to meet the growing demand for high current LED lighting applications. API Delevan has taken our widely accepted and used DC Series of plated through hole high power chokes and designed even higher current carrying capability in a surface mount version, convenient for automated pick and place and PCB assembly processes. Standard inductance values range from 3.9 uH to 100,000 uH and current ratings from 0.11 Amps to 11.91 Amps.

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API Delevan has introduced the HTPT66 series of high temperature power toroids. These toroids are intended for use in high operating temperature environments in switching power supplies, as output chokes, in EMI/RFI filtering, and DC/DC converters. They exhibit temperature stability, excellent saturation current characteristics, and are available in custom electrical contigurations. Standard inductances are 0.390µH to 100µH with current ratings as high as 18.3 Amperes direct current. The components operate within a temperture range of -55°C to +200°C, and available with either tin-lead or lead-free termination finish compliant with EU Directive 2002/95/EC and applicable amendments. Samples are available and production lead-time is stock to 4 weeks ARO.

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API Delevan has introduced three new series of shielded surface mount power inductors: SP1812, SP1210 & SP1008. Recognizing the needs of design engineers, these power series are sized to industry standard packages for ease of circuit board layout. Inductance for series SP1008 range from 0.27µH to 100µH and max current ratings from 1.07A DC to 0.102A DC; series SP1210 range from 0.47µH to 390µH and max current ratings from 1.44A DC to 0.080A DC; series SP1812 range from 1.0µH to 390µH and max current ratings from 1.58A DC to 0.136A DC. All operate between 55°C and +125°C and are available with either traditional tin-lead or lead free, tin-silver-copper termination finishes.

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From the day our company opened for business in 1947, we have steadily grown as a U.S. manufacturer of magnetic products. Today, API Delevan is recognized as a truly innovative industry leader and as a reliable and dependable resource for military spec components. Our products are designed to meet the highest quality standards as evidenced by the accreditation of our MIL-PRF-39010, "R" failure rate. No other company in the world maintains this high industry standard backed by over 250 million successful test hours. Please review the descriptions and abbreviated specifications for some of our newest product offerings.

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Fixed, Molded, RF Coil, Established Reliability
Performance Specification

Only qualified manufacturer for all ten DSCC QPL slash sheets
Life-tested to “R” reliability level
250,000,000 successful test hours
Sn10 high temperature internal solder connection
Sn63/Pb37 termination surface finish
General Specification for Fixed and Variable, Radio
Frequency Coils

Qualified manufacturer for 25 DSCC QPL military specification (MS) sheets
Rugged epoxy molded construction using UL94V-0 materials
Sn63/Pb37 termination surface finish
COTS (Commercial off the shelf) equivalents for Inactive MS Sheets
-55ºC to +125ºC full military operating temperature range
General Specification for Fixed or Variable Chip Coils

Qualified manufacturer for 20 DSCC QPL slash sheets
High performance in small geometries for thick film hybrid applications
SMT equivalents to popular qualified, axial leaded inductors
Ease of conversion from axial-leaded to surface mount circuit board layout
Shielded configurations reduce coupling percentage to less than 2%
General Specification for Transformers and Inductors
(Audio, Power, and High-Power Pulse)

Qualified manufacturer for 3 DSCC QPL slash sheets
Designed to withstand high levels of mechanical shock and vibration
Low Resistance/High Current carrying cababilities
-55ºC to +125ºC full military operating temperature range
The DC1050 chokes are intended for high power circuit filtering in power amplifiers, power supplies, and for power line interference suppression as well as voltage regulation. These units exhibit minimal DC resistance, and have superior current capabilities in power applications. Inductances are available from 15µH to 4700µH with current ratings as high as 19.9 Amperes direct current. The componenets operate within a temperature range of -55°C to +125°C, and -55°C to +80°C at full rated current. DC1050 units available with either a tin-lead or a lead-free termination finish compliant with EU Directive 2002/95/EC and applicable amendments. samples are available and production lead-time is stock to 4 weeks ARO.

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