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RF Inductors

Available in surface mount, axial-leaded, and radial-lead configurations. Designed to provide optimal performance in high frequency analog circuits and signal processing in applications such as RFID, test equipment, GPS's, radar, Wi-Fi, and satellite radios.
Power Inductors

Designed to provide optimal performance in high current power supplies and converters. Offered in industry standard package sizes for universal compatibility with pick and place equipment.
Custom Products

Prototype services to provide solutions within hours or days, not weeks or months. We provide solutions to meet the demands for extreme product miniaturization, and are committed to delievering better electrical and mechanical performance than any other manufacturer in the industry.

A complete line of standard and custom transformers, common mode chokes, and power chokes for both military and aerospace applications.

Designed to offer EMI/RFI protection for a range of applications including both low frequency power applications to microwave range for communication applications.

Single or multi-speed resolvers to provide position, commutation and velocity feedback. Rugged, reliable and ideal for demanding environments.
Responding to market demand, API Delevan has recently invested in resources, tooling and staffing to double our capacity of our 1812 line of inductors while reducing lead time by over 50%!

The 1812 series comes in a variety of industry standard package sizes. Built to meet mechanical shock, high-frequency vibration, solderability, and moisture resistance, the 1812 series are low DCR, high current inductors ideal for military and aerospace applications, but are also well represented in medical applications like ultrasound devices, as well as rail, communications, power generation and smart lighting products.

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API Delevan introduces HRSPD73 & HRSPD74 shielded surface mount power inductors. Built to meet mechanical shock, high-frequency vibration, solderability, and moisture resistance per MIL-STD-202, thermal shock per MIL-PRF-27, and SnPb reflow profile per MIL-PRF-83446, these low DCR, high current inductors have an operating temperature range of -55°C to +130°C, and are available in inductance values from 1.2 uH to 1000 uH. Contact API Delevan for custom values.

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