Housed Resolvers

Housed resolvers contain a shaft and a set of ball bearings that maintains a constant air gap between the stator and the rotor. Both housing and shaft can be customized to fit the customer’s envelop requirements. Housed resolvers can be environmentally sealed to prevent dust and moisture ingress. API Delevan can supply multichannel resolvers which come in both tandem and cluster configurations. API Delevan’s standard packaged resolver offering includes size 8, size 10, size 11, size 15 and size 25 configurations.
The ideal mate for brushless servomotors, housed resolvers use a rotary transformer to pass the reference signal to the rotor, eliminating components that can limit life and cause noise. The Housed Brushless Resolver offers excellent accuracy and repeatability.

• Up to 200°C Temperature Range

• Radiation Hardened

• Short Mounting Depth for Easy Mounting
Housed resolver technical specification files provided below are provided by product as 3D STEP files with an additional PDF outline file for each product. Specific files will be sent upon request by filling out a brief request form.




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