Frameless, or “pancake”, resolvers consist of two separate assemblies: rotor and stator. Rotor is normally supplied with a sleeve, which can be designed to fit the customer’s interface. Similarly, stator comes with a highly customizable housing. Since they have no internal bearings, frameless resolvers are typically mounted directly into the customer’s assembly. They can be used for position, commutation and velocity feedback. Delevan’s frameless resolver lineup ranges from size 10 up to size 55.

Delevan's brushless frameless resolvers generate speed and position data for aerospace, defense, medical, textile, oil & gas and commercial/industrial applications. Their frameless construction simplifies mounting mechanics because the rotor mounts directly onto the motor shaft and the stator housing mounts directly onto the motor end bell.


  • Frame Sizes 10, 15, 21, 31, 55 and Specials
  • Multiple Speeds
  • Radiation Hardened
  • High Temperature
  • High Shock
  • High Vibration
  • Environmental Sealing
We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.
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