From the day our company opened business in 1947, our continuous growth as a U.S. manufacturer has been a great source of pride. We have accomplished this, in part, by providing custom solutions for your challenging circuit and motor designs. Our products are designed to meet the highest quality standards, as evidence by the S-level accreditation per MIL-PRF-39010. No other company in the world maintains the highest industry standard, and it is backed by over 250 million test unit hours.

The API Delevan team focuses on four pillars required by the engineering community:

  • Prototype Services – We offer solutions in hours or days, not weeks or months.
  • Smallest Size – Today’s solutions, whether components or vertically integrated designs, must meet the needs of miniaturization.
  • Highest Performance – We promise to deliver better electrical & mechanical performance than any other manufacturer in the industry.
  • Lowest Cost – We realize the highest quality result at the lowest cost by adhering to daily Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing activities, producing one piece flow while simultaneously eliminating waste.

API Delevan has a reputation for developing application specific solutions in compliance with the industry’s highest quality standards for an extraordinarily broad variety of products in every market segment. In addition to the 50 million standard products we manufacture every year, 40% of our business can be attributed to the custom designs our engineers provide.

Engineer to engineer solutions are the bedrock of custom designs, and our insistence on listening to, and working with our customers accounts for the on-going success of this very important element of our business. The relationships we develop have been long-standing, mutually rewarding, and highly valued.

Our Established Reliability Program has accumulated over 250 million hours of life testing. In addition to making available an engineering staff with over seven decades of accrued experience, API maintains a modern environmental lab, testing capabilities and R&D department. API Delevan believes values comes not just with quality, but also with resourcefulness.

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