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Going Back to Our Roots and Looking Forward to the Future

October 5, 2023 Facility Announcement
Delevan Logo

Delevan releases new brand logo

API Delevan is excited to announce its brand new logo which brings the company back to its roots of Delevan Electronics while celebrating its future with Regal Rexnord.

On October 4, 2023, Delevan, previously known as API Delevan, launched their new brand logo to the local community and world. This updated look brings the company back to its original name, that was created back in 1947 and allows for Delevan to reconnect with its history. This rebranding also brings Delevan closer to its parent company Regal Rexnord and allows Delevan to be one with Regal Rexnord.

Delevan’s Business Unit Manager, Matthew Rigerman stated, “This is an exciting time for our business and provides a great opportunity for us to remember our roots of Delevan Electronics while acknowledging our future as part of Regal Rexnord.”

Delevan was founded in 1947 as a small electronic manufacturer in Delevan, New York, originally branded as Delevan Electronics. Through the years the company has bloomed into being a global leader in design, development, and manufacturing of electronic devices such as inductors, radio frequency coils, chokes, transformers, resolvers, and custom components.

During the past 76 years, Delevan has seen several changes in ownership. In 1959, Delevan became one of the first acquisitions of the newly formed America Precision Industries, this is where it inherited “API” from. In the 2000s, the Delevan’s brand jumped from one parent company to another. Starting with Danaher in 2000, then going to Fortive in 2016, shifting over to Altra Industrial Motion in 2018, and now landing Delevan with Regal Rexnord in 2023.

This fresh look is an exciting way for Delevan to reconnect with its past and look back on the things that have made the company so successful throughout the 76 years. Delevan’s success comes from being committed to its customers, associates, and local and global community. With this name change Delevan promises to never lose focus of providing the highest quality parts and services to these key stakeholders.

In addition to reflecting on its history, Delevan is thrilled for its future with Regal Rexnord. Regal Rexnord is a multi-billion-dollar company with over 39,000 employees, with several Operating Segments. The Delevan brand is part of the Automation Motion Control segment. Delevan is ecstatic to continue growing with the help of Regal Rexnord.

With this growth and success, Delevan will never forget where it came from in 1947.

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