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Delevan celebrates longest tenured employee’s 60th anniversary

September 12, 2023 Facility Announcement
Ruth Zwack 60th Anniversary

API Delevan celebrates longest tenured employee’s 60th anniversary

Ruth Zwack started working at API in 1963

EAST AURORA, NY (August 30, 2023) - A local business is celebrating a beloved associate 60th work anniversary with the company. Ruth Zwack is API Delevan’s longest tenured associate, she started with the company back in 1963.

API Delevan was founded in 1947 as a small electronic manufacturer in Delevan, New York. Over the years API Delevan bloomed into being a global leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of electronic devices such as inductors, radio frequency coils, chokes, transformers, resolvers, and custom components.

This Western New York local business has been a part of East Aurora’s history for over several decades, connecting the smaller community to the world.

API Delevan commemorated this milestone with a gathering for Zwack with her family, friends, and coworkers. During the celebration, Zwack was thanked for her dedication over the years by API Delevan’s General ManagerMatthew Rigerman, Thomson’s President- Nick Sharma, and the Greater East Aurora Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Director- Victoria Sturman.

Zwack began working at API Delevan right after they moved from Delevan to East Aurora, she remembers walking through the brand-new location like it was yesterday. During the 60 years at API Delevan, Zwack has performed several different jobs from running test lines to processing custom packaging, to being a cell leader, along with helping wherever it is needed.

When she first started with API Delevan, she was in their testing department, making sure all the manufactured parts pass its’ requirements for the customers. In addition to playing a part in military verifications of components. After a few years, Zwack transferred over to the finishing department, where she is to this day, making sure all of API Delevan’s components are packaged and processed correctly.

Ruth Zwack

Many cherished moments can be created during 6 decades at a company. Zwack has several special memories with API Delevan, from celebrating several big birthdays here to attending the annual employee picnic. But when asked what her favorite part of working at API Delevan during the year is, she said “I most enjoy interacting with everyone that works here and that I have worked with throughout the years.”

Zwack has worked with many people since 1963 and everyone she has worked with walked away with a smile because of her sweet and charming personality.

As times changes, business changes. Throughout the 60 years at API Delevan, Zwack has witnessed the company go through many changes including acquisitions, leadership changes, expansions in product offerings, and more. With all these major transitions, Zwack says API Delevan has handled the changes excellently and made sure all of its associates have the support and information they need to respond to these adjustments.

Over 75 years ago, API Delevan as a small locally owned business but over the years grew into a globally recognized electronics manufacturer that supports several crucial industries such as aerospace, defense, medical, electronics, and more. It is still one of the only manufacturers in the world that has MIL-PRF-39010 Level ‘S’ accreditation.

API Delevan would not be where it is today without its’ many incredible associates like Zwack and the support from the local community.

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