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Custom Servovalve Coils

April 18, 2023

For over 75 years, Delevan has been recognized as a trusted manufacturer of custom servovalve coils by working closely with our customers to meet their unique requirements. All of our custom designs are backed by our engineer-to-engineer support, quick prototyping and our adherence to Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing resulting in the highest quality coils.

Servovales are used in various applications where precise control of fluid systems is required in severe environments. In the aerospace and space industries where weight and space are critical factors, servovalves offer a compact and efficient solution for controlling the flow of fuel, oil, and other fluids. For military-related applications, servovalves are used for precise control of hydraulic or pneumatic systems allowing for rapid and accurate adjustments to flight paths, ensuring that it strikes its intended target with maximum effectiveness and precision. Manufacturers trust API Delevan coils to provide high reliability performance in these important applications.

API Delevan can design coils for various applications, included but not limited to, aircraft engine applications, landing gears and braking systems of aircrafts, inertial navigation systems, propulsion systems, robotics, altitude control systems, missile applications, and weapon systems.

API Delevan provides engineering expertise, high performance design, custom prototyping, unparalleled test regimens and quick delivery to meet any application requirement.

Manufacturing / Testing Capabilities:

  • Reliability Testing (In-House):
    • Customer Specific Custom Test Plans Life Test Thermal Shock DCR Shock and Vibration Temperature Cycling Moisture Resistance Solderability CT Scan Calibration Optical Vision Measurement XRF X-Ray Burn-in Failure Analysis
  • AS9001 & ISO 9001 Certified
  • MIL (Military Specifications) and ER (Established Reliability) Certified
  • REACH and RoHS Certified

Material / Process Capabilities:

  • Molding
    • Transfer Molding Pour Molding Vacuum Impregnation Encapsulation
  • Varnish Coating
  • Potting
  • Wire Stripping
    • Salt Stripping Cone and Heat Mechanical Stripping
  • Laser and Epoxy Ink Marking
  • Winding
    • Custom Windings Programmable Windings (Tight, Traversing, and Shaped for Diobe Integration) Hand Windings

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