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API Delevan’s Prototype Cell provides quick production, testing and results for your engineering needs

January 1, 2023
Prototype Cell

API Delevan is one of only a few companies in the magnetics industry with a dedicated in-house prototyping service. This allows our customers to perfect their part by spotting potential engineering issues early and fix challenges before final production. Prototypes help validate product design decisions and allow for seamless production quality and outcomes, as they are created on the same machines that our regular manufacturing processes use. Fast prototype turnaround time (usually two to four weeks but often just days) quickens the approval process for manufacturing the actual part. It’s ideal for custom products, and testing can be done on completed prototypes to validate specific parameter requirements.

Prototype Cell Equipment:

Adams-Maxwell 1250S Auto Winder for high speed and controlled winding.

The industry’s foremost integrated automatic transformer tester the Voltech AT3600 and AT5600 tests any magnetic component within seconds providing cost-effective innovation, quality, and reliability. Tests quality for any industry standards (over 48 different parameters) includes high voltage tests for reliability and safety, traditional LCR style measurements to guarantee correct operation, and specialized tests for specific transformer technologies. Built in 5kV AC / 7kV DC Hi-Pot for safety testing and Surge/Impulse testing (tests interwinding strength). This equipment allows you to cost-effectively meet and exceed expectations of an increased level of quality and tight cost control, increasing value-add and profitability for component manufactures and your customers.

AT09 Vacuum Oven and Memmert UF55 Universal Conventional Oven. Our vacuum oven is ideal for prototyp- ing Aerospace and Defense industry parts. It reduces drying time by maintaining a consistent vacuum level within the chamber, separates moisture from delicate components without exposing them to harmful heat, cures epoxy coatings and removes water from moisture-laden electronics. Our conventional oven can be used to perform drying or tempering electronic components, hardening plastic resin, curing epoxy, precise drying, heating, ageing, and burn-in quality assurance.

Microscope for detailed visual examination.

Three different 3D Printers. Formlabs Form 3+ Printer and two Raise3D Pro2 Printers to produce custom cases, headers, bobbins, subcomponents, and functional high-quality prototypes and end use parts. Fast turn-around time - traditional processes that have a 8+ week lead time can be done in days. Parts and tools can be efficiently built instead of buying them which reduces cost and offers faster lead time. Powerful, high intensity laser and precisely tuned settings for every material deliver rapid print speeds on our always running 3D printers.

About Us: API Delevan offers robust engineer to engineer support backed by 75 years in design experience. Adhering to daily Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing practices enables us to engineer high quality custom products with unique requirements at the lowest possible cost and our prototyping service can be used for virtually any industry.

API Delevan, an ISO9001:2015 & AS9100D certified company, is a global leader in the manufacture and develop- ment of coil winding electronic technologies and continues to maintain the industry’s most extensive offering of High Reliability and Military QPL products, including the world’s largest selection of magnetics, industry standard devices, circuit solution devices and application specific devices. API Delevan specializes in markets that demand technical innovation & performance, while providing superior engineering expertise, solutions and service.

View and print the Prototype Cell Press Release

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