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Hometown Newspaper Celebrates API Delevan 75th Anniversary

August 11, 2022
75 Yrs Newspaper

As seen in the East Aurora Bee Local News, Thursday, August 11, 2022

by Caitlyn Stair | Editor

Local business celebrates 75 years contributing to a global economy

A local business has been running strong for 75 years and continues to grow. API Delevan has been a part of East Aurora’s history for over sev- en decades, connecting the smaller community to the world.

API Delevan was founded in 1947 and is an electronics manufacturer of inductors, radio frequency coils, chokes and transformers and the only manufacturer in the world with Mil- PRF-39010 Level ‘S’ accreditation.

With its headquarters in East Aurora, the com- pany also is a global supplier of a wide range of magnetic technologies as well as all different kinds of resolvers. Some of the industries ser- viced include aerospace, defense, medical and electronics. Although this company is stationed in a small town of Western New York, it impacts every corner of the world.

In a historic town like East Aurora, many businesses celebrate major anniversaries, all of which have had to adjust to each generation of technological and social change. API Delevan has been able to adjust their products with the times to keep up with modern technology and and has a worldwide market, all beginning in East Aurora. Human Resources officer Priyanka Suharu for API Delevan has enjoyed watching the business grow and continue to blossom in a community like East Aurora.

“Being part of the East Aurora community has been, and continues to be, a positive for our busi- ness,” Suharu said. “We trace our roots back to Delevan Electronics which was founded in 1947. Throughout our 75 years, we have seen our fair share of ups and downs with the local communi- ty standing beside us the entire time. A source of pride for our team is showcasing East Aurora to our customers when they visit our site. East Au- rora promotes that small town feel where friends and family relationships matter. That same feel is what we strive to develop in our relationships with our customers.”

As times changed, business changed. And so did a customer base and needs. Suharu said if it weren’t for the continuous support of customers and their home base community, these 75 years would not have been possible. The longest ten- ured associate is Ruth Zwack, who will be cel- ebrating her 59th anniversary at the company on Aug. 26. Suharu also says the company is looking to give back even more to the community that has given so much to them.

“East Aurora has been great to our business and we desire to show our appreciation by giv- ing back,” Suharu said. “As a leadership team, our goal is to increase our presence and level of engagement with the local community. Every quarter, we try to give back to the community by collecting donations for various organizations/ causes. We are launching a Day of Volunteering this year where several of our employees will volunteer with a local organization in the com- munity. We will be looking to expand this next year.”

API Delevan bigger than just a technology company, it is a company that is contributing to a continuously changing world, expanding its horizons higher than before, developing aero- space technologies and saving lives by creating the necessary tools for medicine. These induc- tors and resolvers developed look small but are the backbone of big global projects right in East Aurora.

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